Centro Esperanza - Loiza

Focus on the children, youth and families of Loíza

At Centro Esperanza, we continually focus on what benefits the community. This emphasis contributes to the well-being of children, prevents violence, drug addiction and school dropout among youth, and supports the most vulnerable families. We create opportunities for meaningful experiences that improve people’s quality of life, resulting in a stronger, happier, more knowledgeable and peaceful community.

Our Vision

To become an active space for social change by providing integral education services to children and families and fostering the transformation of attitudes, aspirations, values ​​and behaviors in people from different communities.

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate the integral development of low-income children, youth and families in Loiza and neighboring towns by offering high-quality education and providing support to ensure their well-being.

Values of Our Community


We lend a hand to those who need it.


We foster amity, unity, respect and equality. We are all part of one big family.


We offer a beautiful space where children discover and develop their imagination through play, reading, music and reflection.


We celebrate every smile on a child’s face, radiant and happy, as it is the purest reflection of their well-being.


We plant hope in each person’s heart to help them achieve everything they set out to do and discover the possibility of realizing life goals.

Centro Esperanza - Loiza

“The child, with their enormous physical and intellectual potential, is a miracle in front of us. This fact should be transmitted to all parents, educators and others interested in children, because education from the beginning of life could really change the present and future of society”

María Montessori

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