Live an authentic tourist experience and learn about Loiza’s natural and cultural heritage and Centro Esperanza’s long and extraordinary commitment to community service.

Are you one of those people who like to explore and enjoy a place-based experience? Or one of those who travel and visit craving and seeking new experiences? Are you into exploring new places with the purpose of enriching your knowledge and learning about the essence of places and their people?

Living this experience will lead you to discover Loíza’s geographical, cultural and natural marvels in the company of its best ambassadors: our young people!

They will give you a tour of Centro Esperanza and its surroundings, located in the neighborhood of Colobó, and the occasion to actively connect with the music and experience bomba dancing, one of Loiza’s most outstanding cultural manifestations.

As you live through this spectacular heritage tour, you will fall in love with our community and learn – beyond your visit – how to get involved and collaborate with Centro Esperanza’s mission of hope

You will learn about and experience first-hand:

What you need to know to participate in tour: